Eighteen routines all from a shuffled deck in use (and one coin routine too!). Some of these routines have been performed by Paul for over 20 years. Others are as new as two years old. All of them are in his current repertoire for use over the bar, in corporate settings, trade shows, and during that 3 a.m. magic convention lobby sessioning time. 129 pages, comb bound, with 83 photo-illustrations.

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For the Laity

A La Annemann
One card changes four times in six seconds!

Three spectators peek at cards and the deck is tabled. The performer immediately names the three selections.

A La Tullock
A technically streamlined version of Tullock's "Busted Transpo" in which the performer only seems to be in trouble...

A Total Triumph
Based on a wonderful presentational ploy by Steve Reynolds, here's a starkly effective take on Vernon's "Triumph" in which the selected card never need be controlled.

Beating the Heat
A previously tabled and cased deck contains one reversed card that matches a free choice in another deck. Three sleights with no heat on them.

Almost any card at almost any number. This is a routine that Paul has been performing for lay audiences for over 20 years.

Movin' On Up
Paul's take on Ed Marlo's "Elevator Cards" theme. This is a three-phase routine in which cards rise singly to the top, cards rise simultaneously to the top of separate packets, and three cards rise from different parts of the deck to the top in a twinkling.

Box Topper
Three selections are found simultaneously - one on top of the card box, one below the card box, and one inside the card box!

Just in Case
A repeat card under and into box routine. This routine is modular and may be completed after any of five potential phases.

No Joke
Based on a Chad Long routine, this is a visual stunner. The jokers are placed under a spectator's hand. The performer cuts to four queens. The queens instantly change into two jokers and under the spectator's hand? You guessed it - four queens.

No Mercy
Worked out with Chad Long, this routine is Paul's current favorite routine to perform for the laity. Four indifferent cards change to duplicates of the spectator's selection, which immediately change into four aces, that immediately change into a single card - the selection again. Finally, the spectator finds the four aces simply by cutting the deck into four piles.

For the Magi

Red Herring Location
Based on a brilliant idea of Peter Duffie's, this impossible location cancels out every conceivable method!

Almost any card at almost any number. The spectator chooses a card which is lost in the deck and then names a number from one to fifty-two. The performer deals that exact number from the top of the deck. The card at the spectator-named number is the selection.

Another impossible location routine. The spectator thinks of a random card and then seemingly makes every decision regarding which cards to remove from the deck. Ultimately, one card remains - the spectator's thought-of card.

Triumph '93
An in-the-hands triumph with some great displays, including the Jennings/Goodwin display.

O'Henry Ace Assembly
Just like the title, an O'Henry ace assembly that features a little-known Ed Marlo add-on and a great finesse by Jim Swain and Bob Stencel on the Vernon Transfer.

Overtwist Transposed
In ...from a shuffled deck in use..., there are two twisting ace routines with specific climaxes. This is the third rendition developed by Paul in which a striking transposition caps the twisting effect.

Trick Shell
The lone coin routine in these notes. One coin changes into two coins, then three, and then four under the guise of showing off a new concept in shelled coins. This entire routine is performed with one hand.

Concluding Remarks

More Information
A sequel to the ...from a shuffled deck in use... lecture notes.

If you liked the original FASDIU lecture notes, you'll love FASDIU II. Eighteen routines are included (one coin item, seventeen card items), all performable "on the fly." These notes are sectioned into two parts - routines for the laity and routines for your fellow magicians.

In the "for the laity" section, you'll find a wicked tabled "Triumph" routine that is simple to do, starkly fooling, and does not require any control of the selected card; Paul's take on Ed Marlo's "Elevator Cards" theme; adaptations of two Chad Long routines that are visually stunning; an impromptu (almost) any card at (almost) any number routine that Paul has been using for over 20 years; and, among six other routines, a card into and under the box routine that has been developed under fire while performing bar magic for the last few years.

In the "for the magi" section, you'll find two impossible location type of effects to use at those 3 a.m. lobby sessions at magic conventions; an (almost) any card at (almost any number) effect for magicians, an in-hands triumph; an O'Henry ace assembly; a third handling of twisting the aces (the first two are in the original FASDIU notes) in which a strong transposition takes place under the spectator's hand; and the lone coin effect in the notes - in which three coins are produced from nowhere.

The notes are comb-bound, 130 (8.5" X 11") pages, with 83 photo-illustrations.

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FASDIU II… $25.00
Domestic S & P …$5.00
Foreign S & P … $10.00

To order the FASDIU II lecture notes click HERE